"Dancece is a dancewear brand founded by professional dancers. We aim to provide professional, comfortable, and expressive dancewear for dancers of different ages, cultural backgrounds, and levels of dance expertise. Our products are carefully designed and curated by professional dancers, and undergo evaluations by dancers of various age groups. Through adjustments and fine-tuning, we bring you dancewear that not only meets high standards but also allows for individual expression and beauty.

We sincerely value the opinions and suggestions of dancers, and eagerly anticipate bringing forth more excellent products in the future. Dancece is dedicated to catering to the diverse needs of dancers, fostering a community where everyone can find quality dance products that enhance both their performance and personal style."

Our Story

"DANCECE was founded by Cecelia Pan, a professional dance educator, choreographer, and performer. She holds an MFA in Dance and an MA in Creative Enterprise and Cultural Leadership. Additionally, she is the founder of LeBa Arts Studio in Kunming, China. With years of experience in dance education and performance, Cecelia Pan has a clear understanding of the importance dancers place on dancewear and apparel.

Her vision is to provide dancers of different ages and dance proficiency levels with comfortable and professional dancewear. Through DANCECE, Cecelia Pan aims to offer a seamless and high-quality dancewear experience, drawing on her expertise and insights gained from her extensive background in the dance world."